When is the right time to sell my business?
NOW! Out 26 years of experience tells us that in today's market - good business are selling at premium prices. Even if you are undecided about selling at this time, RLGroup professionals will offer you expert advice to help you determine when would be the right time to sell.

Why not sell my business myself?
Selling a business is too important to be a do-it-yourself project. Most business owners find that the frustration, expenses and time involved does not yield any cost savings. In fact, because they don't have the access The RLGroup has to qualified buyers. Many owners end up selling their businesses for much less than they could have through us. The RLGroup "bridges the gap between Buyers and Sellers".

Aren't Real Estate Agents also business brokers?
NO! Although there are some similarities, real estate agents sell Real Estate, while The RLGroup sells only privately held companies. The techniques of ricing, selling, marketing and negotiating a business altogether different than selling a piece of property.

Isn't my competitor the best buyer for my business?
NO! Alerting a competitor of your decision to sell and allowing them access to your strategic and valuable information could work against you if they decide not to buy. In addition, most competitors will not pay full value for your business.

How can I show buyers what my business is really worth when my books show low earnings?
The Ronald Lawrence Group will show you the best ways to prepare your entire business for sale, including how to prepare your financial records so they property reflect the maximum value of your business.

How can I keep the sale of my business confidential?
The Ronald Lawrence Group is extremely sensitive to the need for confidentiality up to and including the advertising process. The RLGroup will use non specific descriptions of your business, so neither your employees, customers, suppliers or competitors need be aware of your decision to sell.

Is there any charge for evaluating my business?
NO! Until The Ronald Lawrence Group sells your business, there are no fees whatsoever.