Important questions Every Buyer Should Ask

The Ronald Lawrence Group is a proven leader in providing business brokerage services to Buyers entering the Florida business market. Buying a business will help you control your financial future. The first step is making the decision to succeed, so let us help you find the business that is right for you.

Is it better to buy a business or start a business?

Although some would-be business owners thrive on the thrills and agonies of creating a business, there's plenty to recommend moving into a business with a track record and, ideally, a long history of profits. Most of what you need will be in place like, customers, supplies, employees and an established name and reputation. All keys to success when starting purchasing a new business.

Why should I usethe Ronald Lawrence Group?

When purchasing a business you want the most current, accurate information so that you can make a well informed decision and we’ll provide you with up to date preliminary documentation for your review and will answer your questions thoroughly. We advise potential buyers on every aspect of the buying process and continue to remain a resource to the new owner.

How will we help you find the business that is right for you?

Contact us to arrange a confidential meeting and let us educate you about buying a business and how to proceed with the least amount of trial and error. We will show you how to navigate the process of buying a business and evaluate your ability to purchase a business and match your skill sets with the best types of businesses for you.

  • We'll identify and help you with financing options for purchasing a business.

  • We Match buyers with interest & goals

  • We'll help you with the negotiations and work with your other professionals (accountants and attorneys) to provide you with a smooth and seamless transaction.

  • We are selective about our listings. A business must have a successful track record. We structure the sale of our exclusive listings with an initial down payment and affordable monthly installments and have many businesses that have been pre-qualified for SBA financing.

  • We bridge the gap between Buyer & Seller and guide you through the entire process

  • We offer you more than 25 years of business brokerage experience