Important questions every seller should ask

If your business is like most, it’s not ready for sale. You’ve spent years, maybe a lifetime to build your business. Now we suggest spending some time to prepare for it’s sale. Let us guide you in preparing your business for sale, so that you’ll get the full value of your business. The Ronald Lawrence Group can help you learn the special skills and knowledge required to sell your business. We make sure your business is ready to be presented and we’ll assure that your business is attractive and understandable to a buyer.


1. How can i determine that my business is worth and what price I should expect?

RLG uses tried and tested valuation techniques including a knowledge of the ratios used in the sales of similar businesses, as well as on the historical data of the business being sold.

2. How do i know if the buyer has the money to buy my business?

Qualifying buyers financially and personally is and important step, and The Ronald Lawrence Group knows how to qualify buyers properly.

3. Can I sell my business on my own or do I need an intermediary?

RLG’s professionals can offer expert advice on the many financial and personal ramifications of a sale or merger. RLG helps you analyze every aspect of the sale and helps you make the correct decisions throughout the selling process.

4. I did everything within legal bounds to keep my reporting earnings, therefore my taxes, as low as possible. How can I show buyers what my business is really worth when my books show low earnings.

The Ronald Lawrence Group shows you how to ready the whole business for sale including how to prepare the financial statements to properly reflect your business’s value.

5. Isn’t my competitor the best buyer for my business?

Most likely, No! the Ronald Lawrence Group does not restrict its efforts to buyers in your industry; in fact, many of Ronald Lawrence Group’s most successful sales have been to individuals and companies outside the sellers’s respective industries.

6. I’m intimidated by all the legal and tax issues. What should I know to protect myself?

Professional advice is a must. The Ronald Lawrence Group can help you understand the legal and tax issues and will guide you in managing your advisors.

7. Won’t i be better off selling my business through a multi list service?

No. Selling a business is not like selling a home. Confidentiality must be a key concern for sellers. Using a multi list service would be like telling the world you’re selling your business. Maintaining strict confidentiality is necessary in order to safeguard the ongoing business.

9. Is ther any charge for evaluating my business?

No. Until the Ronald Lawrence Group sells your business, there are no fees whatsoever. NO retainers, NO consulting fees, NO evaluation fees.

10. Why is the Ronald Lawrence Group the logical choice to market my business?

Since it’s founding in 1976, The Ronald Lawrence Group’s focus has been to serve the need of the middle market. The Ronald Lawrence Group is Florida’s leading specialist in mergers and acquisitions of privately held middle market businesses. The Ronald Lawrence Group has initiated and closed 100’s of successful transactions. Let the The Ronald Lawrence Group maximize your company’s value, maintain confidentiality and avoid costly mistakes. A company properly positioned and packaged by The Ronald Lawrence Group sells for a premium price.